The Faerlaen March

The Faerlaen March is a post-Saerdic feudal polity occupying the Upper Faerlaen River Valley in the North of the continent Sobrios. Though the site had been settled for nearly 4,000 years, the city of Faerlaen properly game into being after the Saerdic Conquest, growing rapidly in population due to the commercial and military traffic on the Faerlaen River brought by the Empire. The result of this is that Faerlaen is one of the most modern cities in the March, and the level of Saerdic cultural and linguistic influence remains extremely high.

The advent of central government in the Faerlaen March was also due to Saerdic influence. The Upper Faerlaen Valley is one of the most hospitable locations in the Marches, protected from climate extremes by two large mountain ranges and the thermal effects of the Faerlaen River. The result of this is that pressure to move from a decentralized agrarian lifestyle has historically been low in the Faerlaen March; prior to the Conquest no polity existed above the level of small Barony. The centralized government set in place by the Paervlassid Saerds survived the diminution of their power in the North, but without Saerd backing the power of Faerlaen’s Praepositus was greatly reduced. While the nobility of the Faerlaen March theoretically owe their fealty of the Praepositus of Faerlaen, in practice each is fiercely independent and the central authority of the crown is not high.

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The Faerlaen March

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