The Tohruhn

The Tohruhn is one of Daerdenfel’s three major trade guilds. The guild specializes in arms and armor, tools, metals and gems. Dwarves of Alderstadt hold a significant stake in the Tohruhn and the guild holds special privileges for trade to and from Alderstadt.



The Tohruhn was established in the year 598 of the Seniovlic Calendar as one of the terms of a groundbreaking trade agreement between the humans of The Daerdenfel March and the Dwarves of Alderstadt. Since then, the Tohruhn has seen both human and dwarven guildmasters. In recent history, the past two guildmasters were humans of noble houses Cook and Alworth respectively. Trade guild representation on The Undaevigenti wasn’t established until the tenure of Lord Cook and Rahm Duhr is, therefore, the first non-human representative of the Tohruhn and, indeed, the first non-human on The Undaevigenti. Some lords of The Daerdenfel March surely hold objections to his position, however, Praepositus Sendrakar has made it clear that Lord Duhr is a welcome member of the council and that open objections to his seat will not be tolerated.


The symbol of The Tohruhn is a black sword piercing a grey five-pointed star on a black field.

Coins minted by The Tohruhn display the sigil of The Tohruhn on the front and the motto of the Tohruhn in the dwarven runes on the back. The motto translates loosely to “Bound by gold, iron and blood”.

The Tohruhn

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