The Paervlassid Empire

The Paervlassid Empire is a major Imperial power which emerged roughly 682 years ago under the Paervlassid culture of the Saerd ethno-linguistic group. The official founding of the Empire is considered to be the victory of Regulus, the first of his name and first to claim the title Praetor of the Paervlassid Saerds, at the First Battle of Vlassaedos. This event also marks the first year of the Seniovlic Calendar. Over the next seven centuries, the Saerds expanded rapidly, conquering the area now known as the Marches nearly starting in 231. The golden age of the Paervlassid Empire is presently considered to have taken place between the years 225 and 650, a period during which the Saerds enjoyed military and economic hegemony over the near-entirety of their continent, Sobrius, and the coastal lands of those continents nearby.

This hegemony appears to have been the principal cause of the end of the golden age, however: the Paervlassid Empire’s economic growth was predicated on the riches gained through continued expansion, an example of a so-called “booty economy”. With the transition from conquest to peace-time hegemony starting roughly two centuries ago, the economy of the Paervlassid Empire rapidly entered a period of stagnation, which panicked Imperial officials responded to with a program of currency debasement. Rather than produce the capital necessary to transition to a consumption-based internal-trade model, this produced uncontrolled counterfeiting and inflation.

The reduction in the economic prosperity enjoyed by the Imperial heartland in the South had two practical consequences. The first was that it drastically increased the importance of the gold production out of Daerdenfel, raising that city to the position of being the most powerful and influential in the Marches. The second consequence on Saerdic economic decline was the rise of the city-state Ravenna as a competing imperial power. Situated beyond the Paervlassid Empire’s Southern borders, the large polity of Ravenna had historically avoided confrontation with Vlassaedos, but the decline in Imperial power emboldened the Ravennan royalty. In addition to quietly absorbing unaffiliated territories in the Southern Reaches, the rising power Ravenna has fought two inconclusive wars and several minor border conflicts with the Paervlassids in the last century. As a consequence of those wars, and the attendant need for Imperial troops on the Southern border, as well as the increased influence and power of the Northern cities, the Marches were able to break free of Imperial rule with a minimum of bloodshed in the year 688.

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The Paervlassid Empire

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