The Faerinatus Union

The Faerinatus Union is one of Daerdenfel’s three major trade guilds. “The Union”, as it is colloquially named by the people of Daerdenfel, specializes primarily in food and other agricultural products making the market known as “the plowshare exchange” outside the Faerinatus guildhall the primary food market inside the walls of Daerdenfel.



The symbol of The Faerinatus Union is a golden sheaf of wheat on a green field.

Coins minted recently by the Union display a sheaf of wheat on one side and the Dragon of Sendrakar on the other. Coins more than 6 years old display the Eagle and Laurels of house Faedalio and those before the year 748 display a locust. The change to the sigil of House Faedalio occurred when Meera Faedalio was elected guildmaster. More than a decade later, the sigil of house Faedalio was deemed by the Praepositus to be an inappropriate symbol for coins produced of gold from The Royal Mines. and the dragon of sendrakar is widely accepted to be a sarcastic and snarky response to the Praepositus’ decree.

The Faerinatus Union

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