Seniovlic Calendar

The Seniovlic Calendar is the generally accepted calendar in all of Sobrios.

The days of the Seniovlic week

The Seniovlic calendar consists of 6 day weeks named for the 6 gods of the Seniovlus:

  • Optimas
  • Felias
  • Raparas
  • Vispilias
  • Maelias
  • Liberas

Liberas and Optimas are supposed to be days of rest though most of the working people of the marches work on Optimas.

The months of the seniovlic year

The Seniovlic year consists of 12 months, each made up of 5 weeks. every month begins on a Felias and ends on an Optimas. The months are known as:

  • Brumae
  • Fraegus
  • Vaerus
  • Staerpa
  • Calefaectus
  • Tepestae
  • Faervidus
  • Ardae
  • Faerdae
  • Bractae
  • Eurus
  • Glaciae

Brumae is the peak of winter and Faervidus is the peak of summer

Years of the Seniovlic calendar

The seniovlic calendar’s year 1 is the year in which Regulus the First won the Battle of Vlassaesos. The story opens in the year 762.

Seniovlic Calendar

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