Daerdenfel is the capital city of The Daerdenfel March, and preeminent city of the Northern Marches. Daerdenfel is built on Lake Baetar at the foot of the dormant volcano Mt. Cladeus.

Urban Layout and Municipal Features

Geographical Features



The Merchant Guilds

Though there are no restrictions on the establishment of trade guilds within the city of Daerdenfel. The three largest guilds hold the privileged position of having their own respective trade gates to the city and being authorized to mint coin by The Praepositus and The Undaevigenti. These three guilds are:

The financial services available in The Daerdenfel March are partitioned between the banks of the Trade Guilds and those offered by The Imperial Bank. The Trade Guilds enjoy protectionist legal advantages over the Imperial bank, as well as a broad advantage in financial services in Daerdenfel itself and its near periphery, but for financial transaction further afield, even within The Daerdenfel March, The Imperial Bank remains the only institution with appropriate reach. The High Envoy (name may need changing) of the Imperial Bank does not sit on The Undaevigenti, but the monopoly held on financial services outside of the immediate area of Daerdenfel ensures that the Bank holds enough influence at court that the High Envoy has not felt the need to pursue such a position.

The Colleges of Daerdenfel

Daerdenfel is renowned for being the premier educational center in The Marches.
It is home to four universities:

Together, the four headmasters of the colleges are referred to as The Herus Doctosum. Though not a part of The Undaevigenti, the The Herus Doctosum are officially recognized by that body as being welcome at sessions of council, a privilege which the The Herus Doctosum almost never exercise. Indeed, so absorbed are the individual members of The Herus Doctosum in their research activities and the internal politics of their own institutions, that all four have only attended The Undaevigenti simultaneously, without a summons to appear, twice in the last three centuries.


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