Session 5

Undaer Arrest

At the start of this session, our heroes get word of the results of the trade road vote. The vote has failed and the city is rife with controversy over the vote. Not having plans to meet with Bertrand Hamelin until afterwards, the party arranges terms for and fights their match of fist rummy. Despite a rough start, the party wins the match with a healthy score of 6-1. As per the arrangements, the losing team made pancakes for the party the following morning. They were terrible.

Later on the party arrives for a meeting with Bertrand, once again finding him away on business, but this time his wife Laela has them sent in. She wraps up her business with the Duke of Aclaeden and Ponce notices a conspicuous gesture implying a treasure chest on the ground was changing hands from him to her as he thanks her. The Duke leaves and Laela gets down to business with the party.

Laela is concerned given imperial discontent in the city after the vote that they will not go quietly. She asks the party to tail an important Imperial retinue down the Geld river and gather what information they can about Imperial activities and plans. R Pompus Antillus suggests that he might infiltrate the ship through deception rather than stealth and Laela agrees to the idea.

Pompus heads to the imperial square and makes quick work of finding the Imperial Retinue lead by Imperial High Envoy Xander Valerius. He convinces them to take him home in exchange for the promise of reward on his safe arrival. The following morning R Pompus gets on one of the crew of river boats ferrying the imperials to Kensrik Gate. On the riverboat he bores a senior officer named Pontius with tales of archaeology prompting him to change the subject by discussing his admiration for Zenisek and all he had done for Imperials in the city. Pompus spends some time gathering whatever Pontius knows on the topic of Zenisek. Once at Kensrik gate and out of the mountains, the Imperial retinue switches to a Caravel and upon embarking, immediately arrest and detain R Pompus. In the brig Pompus convinces the guard to get one of his superiors. Pontius is brought down followed later by Valerius. He is shown a warrant issued by for Pompus’ arrest. The warrant just has a drawing of his face with no name attached. Pompus is able to convince Valerius that he is an imperial agent and was only with them because he was running from Bertrand Travaere. He goes on to imply that Zenisek must have been mistaken asto which side he was on. Valerius says he will vouch for him when they arrive at their destination but cannot free him.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the party had convened with a Vaestio riverboat captain called Skip Rufus. The party see a large white dragon fly overhead a few days after embarking. Another day downriver the boat is attacked by Kuo-Toa but the party has no difficulty defeating them. When their boat arrives in Kensrik Gate, the party sees the Imperial Caravel just pulling out of the docks and spends an outrageous amount of time arguing what the plan should be. They ask Rufus if he can keep up with the boat and he says he thinks he can.

After nightfall the party uses a grappling hook to climb over to the Caravel (with some difficulty and injury but with a remarkable deal of stealth and discretion). Woden sneaks into a common room off of the main deck while Thawmis Fingerfunk and Sir Ponce head below to the lower deck. Immediately upon walking down the stairs, R Pompus sees them and tries to mind control his guard into looking away and being quiet. He fails and the guard is momentarily alerted that something is going on. Ponce immediately charges and grapples him allowing a combined effort of Ponce and Thawmis to knock him out before he can yell. They take his keys and free R Pompus.

The three below deck move back upstairs and rendezvous with Woden who has been searching unsuccessfully. They all continue into Valerius’ state room where Pompus mind controls him into answering a series of questions about who Zenisek had been speaking to and what his plans are. The party decides they are testing their luck staying around any longer, grab some dossiers off of Valerius’ desk and slide down their grappling hook back to the riverboat (once again with some difficulty, almost losing the dossiers to the water but for some quick reactions from Ponce).

The party pays rufus to take them back to Kensrik gate with an additional fee for his silence and read the contents of the dossiers on their way. Important intel includes the warrants for Woden and Pompus’ arrest and orders to rendezvous with the 4th legion in Hogdel Falls They charter another boat back to Daerdenfel and meet with Travaere. Travaere commends their work, pays them well and agrees to provide them with some additional secure housing.


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