Session 4

Daer Nachtmann kommen

Our heroes return home from the House of Hamelin and disguise themselves for an information gathering mission to the brothel they encountered in Session 1. On the way there Woden senses the party is being followed and they back into an alley hoping to ambush their follower. In doing so Woden backs directly into Thawmis Fingerfunk, a roguish man of the night who was descending a wall on unexplained business.

After rushed introductions, the shadow of a horned, winged figure appears on the wall next to them, presumably coming from the street. The party and their new friend prepare to attack the beast as it turns the corner, learning too late that the shadow itself was the threat. The beast, later revealed to be a summoned shadow demon, emerges from the wall and attacks the party. Once the demon is defeated, the party cancels their mission to the brothel and retreats to Thawmis’ haunt for the night.

The following day, the party head to the brothel undisguised and with insufficient stealth. They convince the matron of the establishment to provide them what information her employees can gather on Vaestio and Imperial patrons for an upfront fee and a stipend to keep quiet. They leave the brothel and get fish for breakfast at the docks.

Returning to the city, the party does a bit of investigation in the same bar across from Vaestio they had used previously. They find a bunch of Vaestio underlings arguing about the election and try to get involved. No new information comes out about the election, except that some of these people are kind of dumb. Ponce challenges the Vaestio associates to a game of fist rummy in a week.

The party, finding trust and a valuable skill set in Thawmis, ask him to move in with them and help find a new place. The party buys a new house and splits up to run some errands. R Pompus Antillus and Thawmis spend a few hours buying hardware to deck their new place out with traps and alarms while simultaneously Woden and Ponce sneak ineffectively into the old apartment to check for intruders and gather their effects. They see no sign of intruders and gather what they can before meeting back at their new house. Together the party constructs the traps, for which they purchased parts.

The next morning the party emerges into the Daerdenfel spring festival ’Optimae’s Awakening’. They eat, drink and allow themselves to be entertained until speeches by Vaestio Guildmaster candidates were scheduled. The expected three Vaestio candidates give predictable speeches until the third leaves the stage and Travaere walks on arm in arm with Laela Hamelin. He says he is not running but goes onto introduce the candidate that has his backing, Marco Hamelin. Marco steps on stage and signs paperwork announcing that the first decree abdicates his title to his daughter and her husband, the newly styled Lord Bertrand Hamelin. The second admits him into Vaestio, establishing his eligibility to run. He further explains that Bertrand has agreed to help do for Vaestio what house Hamelin had done in the past for Faerinatus in establishing the plowshare exchange.

Later that day Bertrand Hamelin meets with the party. He thanks them for their service, says he and Marco have built a strong coalition to defeat the trade road treaty. He offers the party a choice between staying with Vaestio under Marco Hamelin or staying with him and leaving the guild. The party chooses politics over business.

The election goes exactly as Bertrand and Marco Hamelin planned, with the lower ranking guild members overwhelmingly voting for Marco Hamelin much to the chagrin of the higher ranks.


shelkrot shelkrot

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