Session 1

Whoomp, Daer it is

In the opening session of the second Daerdenfel campaign, we find our new heroes, R Pompus Antillus and Woden sitting out the bitter Daerdenfel winter in the city proper living a modest but comfortable lifestyle in the Quintus district. After a day of scholarly debate in the library for Pompus and exploration of the underbelly of the city for Woden, the pair head off to meet in a Dwarven bar for a leisurely nightcap. On the way there R. Pompus sees an Imperial procession heading to the higher districts of the city. Upon leaving the bar, the somewhat inebriated duo pick a fight with a cloaked man mistreating a young woman they would later learn was a prostitute.

After an embarrassingly quick combat leaving the cloaked man incapacitated and unarmed, he yields and prematurely calls off a yet unseen companion (or companions) in the alley from which he emerged. R. Pompus keeps the man’s sword and the man makes unnecessarily veiled threats before heading off. The prostitute reveals that her violent former patron was Elvin of House Sullinger. The party escorts the young woman back to her illegal brothel outside the city walls.

The following day the pair strip the sword of identifying marks and break it down, fencing the unrecognizable parts to an unsavory character by the name of Logan Sprunk for a sizable sum of gold. R. Pompus spends the rest of the day questioning his academically inclined associates about local politics, veiling his inquiries about house Sullinger under the guise of general interest in politics. He learns a fair amount about a growing divide among those prominent in local politics regarding Imperial influence in the march. One of his associates pulls him aside on his way out telling him that a politically minded, high born, native Saerd might find work at The Vaestio Syndicate.

After a good night’s sleep, the duo buy new clothes and head to the Vaestio Syndicate and are ushered into the office of Bertrand Hamelin, who is impressed by Pompus’ credentials and offers sponsorship for guild membership for both party members. As a trial for their membership, Travaere gives the party a quest to help some local hunters who have sent word that they are in over their heads with hostile wildlife. After accepting the offer, they notice a great deal of commotion in the halls of the Syndicate, and they charm Travaere’s assistant Laurent into revealing that an urgent meeting of The Undaevigenti is to be held in the next few days regarding the establishment of a new trade road to the Saerdic heartland.

The next morning Woden returns to Logan Sprunk to purchase a horse for their journey and the pair meet with Laurent for the details of their journey. They set out immediately following this meeting, encountering two noble retinues on their way out: one flying the banners of House Waters of Traeland entering the city and the other flying the banners of the Duke of Aclaeden (in the principalities) and being turned away from the Vaestio gate.

Woden makes quick work of finding two of the three hunters in the woods stuck in a tree, their colleague having been devoured by wolves. The party sneaks towards the wolves last known location and spots the pack lead by a dire wolf. After taking a bit of damage in the fray, the two kill the wolves, keep the pelts as a prize and make ready to return to Daerdenfel proper.


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